WHOA WHOA OKAY YEAH. I like... used this site for a little, then stopped... but now I have returned. Sorry.


Today was quite... interesting. I went shopping at Costco like, ALL DAY and this dude with long hair came up to me and he was like, "WHOA, PINK HAIR, SICK." and I was like, "DUDE YEAH." and... we talked and... yeah. Pretty epic.


I'm just so dfjaklsdjfhaklsdjfhaklsjdfhlasd.

Indeed I am.

Fuckity fuck fuck, I don't feel good. Yesterday I was out of fucking Prozac so ya know, a day without my antidepressants isn't really bringing out the best in me, especially around the holidays.

I also opened my presents this morning. What joy. c: I didn't get much because we're so tight on money, but my mom let me go shopping with her for what I wanted, just to be fair. I got new guitar strings (THANK GOD.), a really cute hat, these suuuuper fuzzy and warm slippers/shoes/orsomethinglikethat, A 50 dollar gift card to Hot Topic that my mom told me she would get, then changed her mind and then all of a sudden got again, an additional 100 bucks for the mall or wherever I may want to go and yeahh. It was a nice Christmas, even though we were lacking in presents, but I can't complain. C: So sometime next week I shall be going to the mall n' what not. THE JOY.

Oh but not all is good in Maria's world. I was washing the dishes before and when I was cleaning the cheese grater I scraped my fingers across it on accident and oooh lawdy the pain it inflicted on me. ; _____________ ;

But oh well, shit happens, right?

Checkered Mittens, Christmas and All That Jazzzzzz.

WHY FOR ONCE, EVER, my title has something to do with what's going on. :3

My friend Kara got me this adorable checkered mittens for Christmas, which she gave me this morning while we were freezing out asses off waiting for the bus.


Annndddddddddddd uh, I like jazz music.

That is all.

Aww my Izzy icon is just too cute. :3


Hello all.

I am, indeed new to this site. Mhmm.

Uh, yeah. Don't like, ask about my screename thing or whatever the fuck you wanna call it. It's an inside joke and not too many will understand it. :C


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